FootballChain is developed by Overlord and LaeebFootball



FootballChain is an EVM-compatible blockchain that aims to build a specialized ecosystem for football and other sports.


Important Milestones for FootballChain

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FBC Swap Decentralized Exchange is an Automated Market Maker. FBC Swap is at the heart of the FootballChain ecosystem, providing users with a simple way to swap tokens on FootballChain through automated liquidity pools.


FootballChain successfully develops FBC Savings product with Real Yield from transaction fees on other products of FootballChain ecosystem such as: DEX, Marketplace,...
Real Yield is a share of a protocol’s revenue, denominated in a mainstream asset like FBC or USDT, which holders of a protocol’s governance tokens can access by staking or locking them.


Provide and improve the necessary Dapps to develop DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi on FootballChain such as: DEX, Bridge, Real Yield, NFT,...


Q1 2022

  • - Connect Developers
  • - Finalize ideas and organize plans
  • - Recruiting and perfecting the team

Q2 2022

  • - Design ideas
  • - Detailed development plan
  • - Personnel arrangement and organization
  • - Building EVM-compatible blockchains
  • - FootballChain Testnet Deployment

Q3 2022

  • - Finalize the document
  • - Website building
  • - Building social networks
  • - FootballChain Mainnet Deployment
  • - Deployment DEX
  • - Deployment Cross-chain Bridge

Q4 2022

  • - Deployment Real Yield - Saving
  • - Deployment FBC Token
  • - Marketing campaign
  • - Fairlaunch FBC Token
  • - FBC Token Listing
  • - Sport Partners - WC 2022

Q1 2023

  • - Deployment NFT
  • - Deployment Marketplace
  • - Development of FBC Wallet
  • - Technology partners
  • - FBC Listing on CEX
  • - Integrate other DeFi applications on FBC

Q2 2023

  • - Deployment Launchpad
  • - Implement cross-chain bridge
  • - Football fan marketing campaign
  • - Support sports projects

Q3 2023

  • - Network upgrade
  • - Sponsors sport tournaments
  • - Launch FBC Wallet
  • - Deployment Lending & Borrow

Q4 2023

  • - Building FBC Social Network
  • - Future plans


Cross-chain Bridge is a centralized protocol that allows the transfer of native tokens - FBC and other tokens between different EVMs such as: Ethereum, BNB Chain...


Join us in building a decentralized sports blockchain ecosystem - helping all fans around the world get connected with blockchain technology and decentralization. Send us questions, reviews about FootballChain or ideas.

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